Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Master the Mainframe Contest and z/OS Education Available

Master the MainframeIBM's FREE Master the MainframeLearning System is available to help ANYONE get started on IBM Z.  This fun and engaging system provides hands-on learning to build critical, introductory mainframe skills, and no prior mainframe experience is required!  It is based on the successful Master the Mainframe contest system and open to everyone by registering here.
IDs are valid until: August 31, 2018


Developers will benefit from participating in the following ways:

- Part 1: Basics of z/OS TSO, ISPF, SDSF, and Unix Services shell prompt
- Part 2: Basics of z/OS JCL, data set types, and z/OS data storage
- Part 3: z/OS various job roles, responsibilities, and application development using Java. C, COBOL, and Assembler

Those that complete Part 2 and Part 3 successfully will receive IBM Open Badges to display on their social media pages.

Also, don't forget to promote the Master the Mainframe contest to faculty and students in your is now open and running globally!


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