Monday, 13 November 2017

What does it take for you to lead in the trust economy?

Here are the key differentiators of IBM z14:
  • Designed with pervasive encryption for peace of mind in that data and privacy are always protected
  • Designed with improvements in speed, efficiency, and access improvements to both serve up data to build services and new offerings, and to perform machine learning and insight on the data where it resides
  • Designed to be open and industry standard to bridge the skills gap and make the infrastructure easier to manage
Want a full recap? Find an IBM z14 announcement webinar that I hosted here:

IBM z14 simplifies performance management

Are you dealing with the overall operational costs and complexity of having multiple virtualization technologies that require their own administrative solutions and skills?
The need for simplified management of mainframe systems has never been more clear before.IBM z14 answers this concern with:
• “From anywhere” mobile access
• Simplified sys admin of z/OS
• Standardization for skills transfer
Find out more about the IBM z14 Mainframe Performance Management in this IDC whitepaper.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Accelerating time to market is essential

When success is measured in days and not weeks, accelerating time to market is essential.
It’s important to build client relevancy with cognitive analytics to accelerate delivery of more accurate insights with low cost and low latency. 
IBM z14 is designed for data serving.  Here’s a video on how IBM z14 integration capabilities provide extremely high speed, security-rich connections between applications and data in the same or across physical servers.

IBM z14 addresses your data protection and security concerns

With major security breaches headlining the news on a near weekly basis, I’m sure data protection and security are your constant concerns.
Often, you must wonder; how are your hardware, data sets and databases encrypted?
With IBM z14, pervasive encryption is achievable.
Here’s a detailed IBM Z security analysis that our friends at Solitaire Interglobal Ltd wrote: Pervasive Encryption White Paper