IBM Z Technical Education

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Non-IBM z Systems Training
This is a non-exhaustive list of other training available.
Internet Discussion Lists
There are several internet discussion lists related to z Systems. You can find links to these at The primary discussion lists are:
  • IBM-MAIN for z/OS and related topics.
  • IBMVM for z/VM and related related topics.
  • LINUX-390 for Linux on Z and related topics.
  • VSE-L for z/VSE and related topics.
z Systems Academic Initiative
There is a lot of information at the z Systems Academic Initiative site. The course materials (slides) are available to members of the Academic Initiative.
The text books are available on the Redbooks site under the "Introduction to the New Mainframe" series:
Information Centers and the Education Assistant
ABCs of z/OS System Programming
A more detailed level of training is available in the "ABCs of z/OS System Programming" series:
z/OS V2R2
z/OS Communications Server
z/OS V2 Communications Server TCP/IP series:
Reduce Risk and Improve Security on IBM Mainframes